ASTRA THEME WORDPRESS // How to Install and Customize Astra WordPress Theme with Starter Sites 2020

In my last video I shared with you how
to install managed WordPress hosting on Flywheel. In today’s video I’m going to
share with you how easy it is to install your WordPress theme on your newly
installed WordPress website. Are you ready to get started? Then let’s go!
Before we get started let me answer a quick question that I get quite often
and that is: “What is a WordPress theme?” A WordPress theme is the software that you install on your WordPress website that gives your website its overall
design. There are lots of different themes to choose from: there are both
free and premium paid versions of themes. There are literally thousands and
thousands of different themes and it’s no wonder that so many of you get so
frustrated and turn to the internet for help. It is a cause of lots
of frustration with lots of people that I talk to… so you are not alone. 🙂 In
today’s video I’m going to make it super easy for you to get your WordPress theme
installed so you can get on your way with building your website. Here we are
all logged in to my WordPress demo site. This is the behind-the-scenes
dashboard where you will customize your website, but first I’m going to take you
back out to the front to show you what it looks like. We will just click the
little toggle on the left hand side and here we go. WordPress comes installed with a standard WordPress theme. You’ll see here that it’s really kind of
boring and not that exciting. Let me take you back over to the dashboard and
I’m going to show you where you’ll go to install your WordPress theme. You’ll
scroll down to APPEARANCE and click on THEMES. If you click on the ADD NEW
button you will be able to see a lot of different WordPress themes that you can
choose from right inside your dashboard. Where I see a lot of you get stuck is
that you just don’t know what theme to choose and so you’ll end up choosing a lot of different themes trying to get one that fits your needs; however, what I found
after trying lots and lots of themes is there’s one or two themes that
I keep coming back to time and time again because they’re able to be
customized so many different ways that it makes it so easy to get the look that
you’re going for. What I’m going to do is I’m going to show you what that theme
is and how to get installed today. My favorite WordPress theme is Astra and
it’s available both as a free or paid theme. In order to find it we can go
ahead and type in Astra in the search bar and it will pop up here. I’m
going to go ahead and install it. Now you’ll notice by the preview that
it doesn’t look that much more amazing than the 2020 theme; however, it’s what you can do with it after is what makes it so amazing. So we’re going to go ahead and click activate. I also in another video share
with you another one my favorite themes: GeneratePress. Both themes are
pretty similar: they’re both really fast, they’re well coded, they have great support. In that way they’re very similar. More and more
I’ve been going back to Astra because it just seems to work really well with
my favorite page builder Beaver Builder and are just really easy to customize.
Another step that I like to do is I like to add a child theme to my new projects.
So what I’ll do is for Astra it’s super easy to create and add a child
theme. What you’ll do is I’ll leave a link below to the WordPress Astra
website where you can create your own child theme. Go ahead and give your child theme a name. I’m just gonna call mine ASTRA CHILD. There are some advanced options if you
want to fill this out. I am not going to do that at this time. I’m gonna go ahead and click GENERATE. You’ll go ahead and SAVE AS. We go back to APPEARANCE>THEMES in your dashboard and we’ll click on ADD NEW. Now this time instead of searching since we
already have Astra installed we’re gonna go ahead and click UPLOAD THEME. Down
here my downloads bar on my Mac is the file, so I’m just gonna go ahead and drag
that up to the file, drop it in and click INSTALL NOW. And our theme has been installed successfully so I’ll go ahead and click
ACTIVATE. Now you’ll see here that both the Astra child theme as well as Astra
theme installed. This looks great. Now I want to take you back out to the front
end of the website so you can see the difference. Here is our just generic
Astra theme installed. It doesn’t look that much more exciting, in fact it looks horrible right now. So what you can do is once you have your theme installed you can go
ahead and click CUSTOMIZE in the top navigation bar to begin customizing. But
before I do that I like to go back to the dashboard and I’ll show you another
trick that makes it super simple to get your
WordPress a starting point to begin editing from. So this is a little trick
that I love and we’re gonna go down to APPEARANCE and then down to ASTRA OPTIONS. Over on the right hand side, you’ll see IMPORT STARTER SITE. Now what a
starter site is is it gives you a starting point for your website. It
actually installs a pre-designed website that you can use as a starting point to
begin your design. The reason why I love this is it saves so much design time and
you’re going to go ahead and get a website with a design already installed
in just a few clicks. So what we’ll do is I’ll go ahead and click INSTALL IMPORTER PLUGIN. One thing to note while this is installing is that there is a
PRO version of Astra and there is a PRO version of the Starter Sites that comes with
the ASTRA PRO version. So if you like more options to definitely check that out and I’ll
leave a link to those below so you can see what additional options you can get
with those. The first thing you’re going to do once you have the starter sites
installed is you’re going to select a page builder. Now if you’re not familiar
with page builders what they do is they are plug-in will allow you to easily build
out your pages with drag and drop functionality. Gutenberg is what’s installed with
your website with WordPress so that comes standard. Elementor is similar to Beaver Builder and then also Brizy. My favorite two are
Elementor and Beaver Builder. For this example, I’m gonna go ahead and choose Beaver Builder and click on NEXT. On the next screen you’re going to
see over 100 plus websites that are already built and designed
professionally all you have to do is select one and then click INSTALL. We
can go ahead and scroll through… there’s quite a wide variety here to look at.
there’s Blog, Business, eCommerce. Now what you’ll notice is some of them have like
a little box that say AGENCY. So what that means is those are only available with
the paid version of starter sites. If you do like one of those
reach out to me or you can follow the link below to go ahead and purchase that
on your own. Let’s start by clicking on this Nutritionist site. I really like
the colors of this site and they do a good job of the design. And the layout
looks really good. Yeah, so I really like this one and it’s going
to give us a great starting point. Now the key here is: even if you’re not a
nutritionist and you love the layout of this website you can still choose it.
Once you have this site imported you will be able to customize the logo,
colors, and everything. and photos images to reflect your brand and your design. So
what I love is it just gives me a starting point with everything
pre-installed and then I can customize from there so don’t get too hung up on
the fact that this is it for nutritionists I just easily use this
parting point or many other different projects. So I like this. Over on the
left-hand side I’m going to click all the checkmarks. I want to delete any
previously imported site…and it’s done! So once you get the “Done” notification
you can go ahead and click on VIEW SITE and we’ll see what it looks like. All right this looks really good. So
you’ll see that in just a few minutes we were able to install an entire website
predesigned for us – all in just a few minutes – this really looks really good.
We can go ahead and customize our website further now that we’ve got it
installed. So to do that there’s a couple different ways that you can do this. Now
to get started I always like to start with CUSTOMIZE. Up in the left-hand
corner there’s a little paintbrush and you can go ahead and click on CUSTOMIZE
in order to set your logo, colors and a few other things before you get
started. Okay so you’ll see here that there’s a link for your global options
which includes your fonts, your colors, the container size, and your buttons. So
that will customize the entire website. We can go a little bit deeper here and
for site identity you will upload your logo and a site icon. The site icon is just up here where that little world globe is. It will replace that in the browser. And
for sure we want to replace our site title and our tagline. We don’t want it
to say “just another WordPress site”. So once you get that done you can go back.
There’s a primary header you can customize how your header looks as well
as on your mobile. The primary menu you can customize how that looks
and a transparent header. If you want your header to be transparent you
can customize that as well. And again if you’re looking for a lot more options
for customization you’ll want to go check out the Astra PRO version.
I leave a link to that in the description below so you can see all additional options that are
available for you with that PRO version. Now if we go back I want to show you how
you’re going to edit each individual page. Now remember before we installed
this starter site I chose Beaver Builder as my page builder. Now in this example
I’m going to show you how to edit your page with Beaver Builder. So at the top I’m going to click on Beaver Builder and this will open up my page builder editor where I
can go ahead and start swapping out the images and the text. Now it looks like
this might be our first time so if you want to take a tour it will show you
around; however, I’m just going to go ahead and get started. I’ll show you a few
things about how to edit. What you’ll do is if you hover over any of these
modules they will allow you to swap out. So here is the image. What I would do is
I would swap out this image then. The image recommendation is 564 by 700
pixels. I can go ahead and edit to replace that image with my one and then there’s a lot more customizations you can do. For example, here we are on the text. Now
this is just a Heading text and you can customize this exactly how you want and
then click Save. When you’re done making your changes up in the top corner you’ll click on DONE and PUBLISH. Another trick I want to share
with you is that when you’re editing I like to once I’m done making all
my changes, and I like to go in and click on RESPONSIVE EDITING. This will give us an option to see how things look on both like a tablet and mobile and we make sure that
our website looks good on both of these as well as on desktop. So this is the
tablet version and that looks pretty good. The thing is when we go to a mobile version we want to make sure things are
still looking good there so we can scroll down. Now some things I see here
like there’s some extra space and if you want to get rid of that you would just click on it and we
would edit. This it happens to be a column so now you’ll see here where
there’s a little mobile view we can turn this off for mobile so you’ll see that
right here above the mobile image. And so down to VISIBILITY we can put on display
We would just set this two LARGE AND MEDIUM DEVICES ONLY. Click SAVE and that will remove it from our mobile view so you can see that there. Everything else is
looking pretty good. Again here you may want to remove those extra spaces, but
yeah that looks pretty good on mobile. Once you’re done again we can click EXIT and it will go back to desktop view and hit DONE and PUBLISH and now we’ll save our
changes. That’s it! I hope you found this video useful to install a WordPress
theme on your brand new WordPress website and in today’s video we took it
one step further where I showed you how to install a STARTER SITE to give you a
head start on your overall design.

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