Hey little creatures of the lord Furry Rubius here commenting before i start the video i wanted to tell you that the “Far Cry 5” reality is finally out, ok? the most awaited reality it has been 3 years since we did the last one and as you can see it’s based in the new game of Far Cry ok? that looks pretty fresh and basically me and a lot of YouTubers did eeeh a reality where we do a lot of tests and crazy stuffs, ok? and i mean we had a great time and things happen like a dog biting me *SCREAMS OF FEAR D:* or like i do a loop in 360° in the middle of the air with an airplane WITHOUT ENGINE :O and the best part and the most funny of all the dog bites Willyrex too WHY R U RANNIN? OUUU SHIEET so you know if you want to see it i will leave the link in the description, ok? in the comments later at the end of the video you’re watching aaand… that’s all, suscribe to Ubisoft’s channel ok? they are good people and they will make a some raffle and… that’s all we’ll see you soon actually not wtf, we’ll see now that i bring you a delicious video ready *mm* CHAU *dimitri dance* *confused Willy* QUIZ ABOUT RUBIUS Hey little creatures of the lord, how are ya? Today… wait, let’s repeat that, ok? because i think lately i don’t vocalize well my “greeting” and i’m worried about that let’s put it in slow motion please hhhhheeeeeeeyyyyliitleeecreaaatureeesssoffftheeeelordddhowwareeeyaaa? xd tooooddddaaayy… Ok, let’s repeat it HEY LITTLE CREATURES OF THE LORD THERE IT IS THERE IT I… uh now it was 10/10 well today i bring you a very special video, ok? because we’re gonna do a very easy game FOR ME we’re gonna do something that you have been asking me for a long time what is basically do a “test” about me, ok? we will see how much i know about myself i mean, how much knows Rubius about Rubius, ok? so for that i will search some quizZszSZ that’s how they call, right? QUIIZSZSZS let’s see ok, i’m afraid of see what is in Google because before i start to record i didn’t look what the f*ck is in my browsing history so *not porn* Ok, good good good good good goodx1000 there’s nothing suspicius *nervious laughs* thanks goodness, thanks goodness Ok, let’s write quIEEEEEH there it’s something *hopefully not p0rn* but well, what we want to search is “quiz elrubius”, ok? the quiz are the typical test, ok there is like 800 of they OK let’s pick first, ok? first is always good eeeeh let’s s… wtf… DO YOU KNOW ELRUBIUSOMG? YOU ARE A REAL LITTLE CREATURE? (criaturita is how he calls their fans) ANSWER THIS QUESTIONS ABOUT ELRUBIUS TO KNOW YOUR LEVEL OF FANATICISM uJUU ok, maybe this will be the first game that i can do best of all time in my channel so… *laughs* i’m so HYPE i’m so HYPE START TEST let’s see let’s see.. what is ElRubius’s fav*wut?* what is ElRubius’s favorite food? Pizza and hamburguers Hot-dogs Tacos or Fries Pizza and Hamburguers definitively Definitively besides i said that in 50 things about me video so easy peasy how many pe*he don’t know how to talk obviously* how many pets does he have? eeeeeehh well a male cat and a female cat HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY HOEFULLY A MONKEY HOPEFULLY hopefully, i think that will be my future pet i will have a male cat, a female cat and a monkey someday guys, someday but for now i have a male cat and a female cat where was he born? mmmmMMMM HHMM HMMM OF COURSE the one who made this test i don’t know if he knows me as much as i do, you know? i mean because i mean so many times i said i was born in Spain, ok? i mean… it’s where i was born, i was born in Malaga in the south BUT maybe someone gets confused and thinks i was born in Norway because my mom is from Norway so… i will choose what really is, ok? where does he live? in Spain what is his favorite colour? oh shit… *checkmate rubius* *nervious laughs* ok *more nervious laughs* i’m like in the photo dude i’m like in the photo *more laughs* i mean my favorite colo…ok… i think i said this in my 50 things about me video but… tastes change you know? i mean i think i said “green” in the video but the changes… i mean the tastes change and now my favorite colour is blue pppffff… i don’t know men i spit on the whole microphone dude, so gross well… blue and green I LIKE TWO COLOURS MEN i like green since i was a child for the green Power Ranger you know what i’m saying? but… the blue lately calls my attention for ALL in life i will choose green let’s see if who made this see all my videos, you know what i’m saying? how many videos do he have? *Rubius is lost* less than 354 *laughs* WHAT!? that will be when i delete my channel or the close it or something dude but but how i will hav… ok ufff this is dodgy 600 videos? i have uploaded more than 600 videos? am i that fuck*ng crazy? eeee oh shit ok, let’s concentrate i mean, i’ve been on YouTube more or less since 2006 but seriously since 2011 *mathematical rubius* ok, i have no fucking idea BUT I THINK i didn’t uploaded more than 600 videos i mean wtf i will choose 470 i mean please please, i need to get a score of 10 in this game or I will throw myself out the fucking window i swear when was he born? what a legend with the Argentina shirt AHRE BOLUDO (argentinian words) this question looks like a trap but no i was born in 90’s i’m from 90’s BOYSS how he use to call his fans? “little creatures of the hell” sometimes, sometimes yes “little creatures of the night” “little creatures of the lord” “little creatures of the life” “little creatures of YouTube” i mean i think i have called you of many ways already “little creatures of the avernus” i mean i usually call you “little creatures of the lord” ok? so that could be any answer you know what i’m saying? but anyways… let’s get a highscore in this game because we deserve it Did he ever have problems with the police? HA! not as much dude not as much “Yes, he was arrested for pee on the street drunk” *laughs* in fact i did that but i was not arrested for that so… *laughs¨* that’s not “Yes, he had to escape of the cops because he insulted them” “Yes, he was arrested for carrying a toy gun” “Yes, he was arrested and he was in jail all night” is the C) option, is the C) i already told it once that i was arrested for record a shortfilm, ok? with a toy gun and there was an old man who called the police super scared and he was like “HERE IS A MAN WITH A GUN ON THE STREET” and they went to catch me but they came with armored you know what i’m saying? it wasn’t for laughing at that moment they cornered us to the wall with super pro guns the cops pointed us to me and my friends but yeah, i was arrested for carrying a toy gun, ok? I have 5 questions left i think this… i think this will be a 10/10 in all the rules What is his name? “No, never” dude, i would love call me “No, never” to be honest “Ruben Roblas” check it out “Ruben Gurdensen…? Ruben… what the f*ck? NONE OF THIS ANSWERS IS CORRECT DUDE WHO THE F*CK MAD… WHO THE F*CK MADE THIS TEST? “Rubius Antonio” *laughs* hopefully i know my last name is hard of remember, ok? my two last names are hard of remember so… but this is the most closer this must be the correct because is the most closer answer for fuck sake or “No, never” “No, never” maybe my real name is “No, never” and i didn’t know it Ruben Roblas Gundurersdsrsrses *trying to pronunce his last name or talking in alien language* How was his first girlfriend calle… we already started with personal questions dude? Caroline, Celia Marian Marg… *he knows one of these names are in fact his ex’s names but don’t want to say it* *super ultra mega hiper nervious laughs* *Rubius can’t anymore with his life* *super ultra mega hiper nervious laughs x2* *super ultra mega hiper nervious laughs x1000000* Ok, in this list are already 3 names of my ex girlfriends, i mean… *spanish unconfortable silence* this is a bit unconfortable to be honest because i don’t like to talk about my private life in public but well… since we are here *I WANT TO DIE* CAROLINE i mean I DON’T KNOW HOW THE F*CK, i mean look… i don’t know how the fuck this dude knows about Caroline because Caroline was my first love in the guardery, i mean literally i was 3 years old and i was a fucker EJE but that, when i was 3 years old i was in love and this girl and i gave us a little kiss this girl called Caroline i swear to you i swear to you for my f*cking disgrace when i was 3 years old but i think i didn’t tell that in my whole life or maybe i did maybe in my Draw My Life video i tell that but i didn’t want to say her name fuck… i will choose Caroline i mean… i’m being honest i’m being true to myself so… what is the name of his cats? Raspberry and Sam… OH SHIT OH SHIT THIS IS HARD AS F*CK THIS IS HARD AS F*CK DUDE THIS IS HARD AS F*CK ok, some of you will know the problem before about Wilson, ok? i mean he is lying there right now SAY HI TO THE CAMERA CRACK i mean, i changed his name like 3 times, ok? throughout his poor life of his short life was named Sam, Jodie and Wilson obviously his name is Wilson right now but i don’t know in what year this was done maybe it was done in the year 0 i don’t know what of these is his his favorite song? how you know that dude? it’s impossible that you know that it’s impossible that… or maybe you know it but not, i think i will choose “Without me” what happened with the furby? oh shit… (to understand see his video El Furby del Infierno) he gave it to his sister very well, “he give it to Mangel” he keep it in safe in his house you know it “he gave it to his sister” very good guys, LET’S GO THE LAST QUESTION THE LAST QUESTION What would he do if he wins 2,6 millions at year? party every day play videogames and fatten go to live in Los Angeles create his own YouTube platform OH SHIT OH SHIT i made a video about that once some of you will know, will remember what is the correct answer i gave you 1 second to leave the answer in the comments below and i say it now chan chan CHAAAAAAAAN *dramatic squirrel sound* play videogames and fatten that’s my goals in life i’m so sorry *laughs* “You finished” ok let’s see let’s see HMMM “calculate score” let’s see WHAATTTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? 87%¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿???????????????????? are you f*cking kidding me dude? ok, food question is right, cats question is right let’s see what f*cking questions are wrong “What is his first girlfriend called?” WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?! nonononononononononono i don’t kn… i don’t know who made this test, ok? i don’t know who made this test but you are WRONG bro ok, i knew this question will gave us problems let’s see the next question “what of these is his favorite song?”… whut? how… but but but but but but but what are you going to know what is MY favorite song crack???? i didn’t say it before, it’s impossible you know it dude but of these dude i mean, Eminem is my favorite singer dude how you didn’t know what…. craaaAAAAACK machiiIIIIIINEEEE what the fuck is wrong with my hair dude i look like a friar WELL but the favorite colour and those we have succeeded so… i think that was so fresh right? i mean in my mind is a 100% i mean i don’t care what this test says because… I KNOW MORE OF MYSELF OK? than a test on internet so don’t judge me please, this was a 10/10 my best match, i’m a pro gamer, ok? although it’s not a game, it’s a test with shitty questions WELL THAT’S ALL, we’re gonna leave in here, ok? i hope you like this, this little video i love so much doing it i have a bit hard my nipples so nothing shurmanos, leave a like an awesome and cool like if you want more things like this i mean searching things about me and stuff and we’ll see you in the next video handsome people CHAU *he still here* *is almost gone* NONONONO SHIT like if you answer right some question! 😀 and fap for moar videos searching weird things about me cc by alexs @FapParaMoar on Twitter

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  1. 8:07 salió con una de las Gemelas Guardianas de la Sala Terciopelo XD
    (encima salió con la agresiva, ole tus cojones, Rubius, ole tus cojones) XD

  2. En plan…mi profesora de castellano en plan…se queja de que decimos mucho en plan…y en plan…lo dice mucho este big man que en 3 dias cumple 30 …en plan lol🌞

  3. el hermano gemelo de rubius es falso, en el video se ve que el hermano no tiene ""barba"" pero ahora rubius no tiene tanta barba como antes osea en este vidio

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