How to Install and Activate Plugins on a WordPress Multisite & How to set it up with WooCommerce?

In our previous video tutorial, we learned
what is WordPress multi-site and how to set up one? In this video, we will
learn How to Install and Activate plugins on a WordPress Multisite and
how to set it up with WooCommerce? Plugins behave differently in a
multi-site environment. if you want to install a plugin or theme, you can only
do it from the Network Admin. Once a theme or plugin is installed in the
Network Admin, it can be accessed in all the child sites. Let us take a demonstration, where we
will install WooCommerce in one site and Easy Digital Downloads in another site. We will also install a common plugin for both sites like Yoast and activate on
both the sites To get started, go to Network Admin settings and click on the “Plugins” link To add a new plugin, click “Add New” and search for WooCommerce plugin. After you’ve found the plugin, click on the “Install Now” button. Once the plugin is installed,
instead of the usual Activate button, you will see a “Network Activate” button. This means once you click on this button, the plugin will be
activated on all the child sites. But since we need it only for one of child’s site,
we will skip this. Next, search for the Easy Digital Downloads plugin in
the search bar. Once you find the right plugin, install it.
Remember, we need this plugin in only one child site, hence we will not activate on the network. Similarly, search for Yoast plugin in the
search bar and install the plugin. Now since we need this plugin on both
child sites, we will click on the Network Activate button In the WordPress Plugins dashboard,
you can see all the installed plugins and the current active status. You can notice that the Yoast plugin is activated for the network, whereas the
WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugins are not activated. You can also notice that the quick plugin settings are not shown here. You can access them
only from the child sites. To activate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin in
child site, let us move to one of our child sites dashboard. From the left
sidebar menu, click on the Plugins link. Next, click on the Activate link of the
plugin, in this way. You can now access the Easy Digital Downloads plugin
settings as well as Yoast plugin settings. Our first child site titled “Demosite 1” is now ready with Easy Digital Downloads and Yoast plugin. Similar to this, to activate WooCommerce let us move to the dashboard of our second child site and go to the plugins page. You can notice that the Easy Digital Downloads plugin is not activated in this site. Finally, click on the Activate link of
the WooCommerce plugin. WordPress now runs the quick setup
wizard of WooCommerce to help you set up some quick settings of the store. You can enter the required information and proceed with the setup or skip the setup
to configure the settings later. Our second child site titled “Demosite 2” is
now ready with WooCommerce and Yoast plugin. In this way, you can activate and
install plugins on a WordPress Multisite. If you are setting up WooCommerce for
the first time, you might want to read our article on setting up an online
store from scratch with WooCommerce. There are a lot of other articles and
guides that you can find in our blog to help you understand the basic and
advanced concepts of WordPress and WooCommerce. Go follow us on our social media
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3 thoughts on “How to Install and Activate Plugins on a WordPress Multisite & How to set it up with WooCommerce?”

  1. Excellent! but i have one doubt.. I searched lot for that but i didn't get satisfied answer.. My website is working fine with 8 plugins and WooCommerce database. now i want to do multisite in my website. I want to make 3 more site for other country.. so can i do it directly as you shown in your other video ? If i do directly as you mentioned in your video will it crash my website ? In simple word can i do it in running website or Do i need to make new website ?

  2. How do you do copies of an existing site on your newly created child sites ? I want to go multisite in order to have multilingual option without translations plugin conflicts .

  3. Hi, good video. I have a question, with woocommerce in two child sites they would be sharing the same database? Because i need separate inventories

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